Friday, July 20, 2012

James Fox and Chasing UFOs: Give him a break!

James Fox
It  is well know that "Chasing UFOs" is not being received well, and for good reason. Yes, it has many flaws. Its a sensationalist, dubious romp through reality television. A world where ratings and sponsorship are king. What were we really expecting anyway? We are all very familiar with the formula this show follows, we have seen it many times before and it always fails to be groundbreaking.

James Fox is a respected Ufologist and film maker, with an amazing track record of producing high quality content with films like "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw". He is one of the best and brightest in the world of Ufology today.

James has been getting raked over the coals. Well known Ufologists have been speaking out about the show with scathing reviews and snide comments. One example is the article Ufologist Robert Hastings wrote about Chasing UFOs, in which he describes the show as "Blair Witch Project meets Inspector Clouseau". Ouch! Hastings explores many of the shows shortcomings and makes several references to Fox and his involvement in the show.

Even James Fox has made public statements regarding his disappointment in the show. A recent quote from Fox sums up his frustrations, “My credibility and reputation has, deservedly, taken a serious hit.”

I disagree James.

James Fox has a reputation for taking risks, and for pushing the envelope. James Fox is a true soldier for Ufology, always working tirelessly and taking chances to educate the masses on the subject of UFOs. His films are a prime example of his dedication, and the National Press Club Event, which was the basis for "I Know What I Saw" was a triumph. Everything Fox has accomplished comes with great risk to his credibility and reputation. More Ufologists need to be as fearless and dedicated as Fox is. That goes for you as well, Mr. Hastings.

So Chasing UFOs may be a waste of time for educated, seasoned Ufologists, and it may add fuel to the fiery criticism of UFO investigation from the many skeptics out there waiting for opportunities like this to discredit the cause. But the simple fact is, this show gets people talking about UFOs. And believe it or not, many out there will most likely learn about events that they were not familiar with. And I would hope that those who do, will follow up by seeking more information on the Internet. We have to remember that the general viewing public knows very little about Ufology. This show is disseminating information on these UFO cases out there to be digested by the public. That is what matters, and that is all James Fox was trying to do.

When the Ufology community was shocked to see Fox attached with this show in the early press releases, I stood up to applaud James for taking a risk like this to work towards his ultimate goal. To get the word out, and educate as many people as possible on UFOs. Additionally, I would assume that many folks out there are newly familiar with James Fox due to "Chasing UFOs" and will hopefully be seeking out and viewing his films. The more people to see "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" the better. In my opinion, this show does have a purpose and has helped the UFO cause more than it has hurt it. It spreads the word and gets people talking about UFOs, and that is extremely important.

It is time to give James Fox a break. I don't think any less of James or his credibility because of "Chasing UFOs" and neither should any of you. He will no doubt follow this misstep with another exceptional film on UFOs and we will all soon forget the look on his face from the night vision "face cam" as James is startled by the mating calls of a wild boar.

We should all be willing to take risks like James Fox has in the name of Ufology. Thank you James for all your hard work, I will still be watching "Chasing UFOs". Yes, I will cringe a bit from time to time but its not all bad. The show does have some redeeming qualities and it will hopefully continue to plant the seeds for people to dig further and learn more about these UFO cases. We all need to stop being so critical and elitist, and just see "Chasing UFOs" for what it really is.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roswell UFO Crash: 65 and still captivating

The Roswell UFO Crash has celebrated its 65th birthday, the incident occurred on July 8th, 1947. As a follow up to Kenneth Arnold's sighting in Late June of 1947, Roswell put UFOs in the the spot light and the rest is history. These two events started the dialogue which has become what Ufology is today. True, there is evidence of UFO events that occurred prior to 1947 but these events, namely Roswell, put UFOs into the hearts and minds of Americans.

We all know the story. So there is no need to repeat the details here. Its a heated debate that rages on to this day. Was it a Flying Disk with Alien occupants? Was it a weather balloon? Was it a top secret U.S. government craft, or perhaps an enemy spy craft? It all depends on who you believe.

According to Ex-CIA agent Chase Brandon. An Alien craft did crash at Roswell on July 8th, 1947 complete with Alien occupants. In a recent statement he made while being interviewed on Coast to Coast AM, Brandon claims to have essentially stumbled upon a box containing this information in a hidden vault at the CIA headquarters in Langley.

I know there will be many people writing off Brandon's statement as a ploy to sell his new book, The Cryptos Conundrum. Or they may try to discredit him by referencing the fact that he was the CIA liaison to Hollywood and consulted on such television shows as Alias, and movies like the Bourne Identity in his later years with the Agency. The truth is, this guy is the real deal and he was a proven true blue, clandestine CIA operative for 35 years. Brandon does not need to make a statement like this to sell his books, his life and his credibility sells his books.

It will be interesting to see how this statement heats up the Roswell Crash debate. It is quite a bombshell from a very credible individual. It is not every day you hear someone with a background like Brandon making statements like this. Chase Brandon no doubt has opened the floodgates, and I'm sure he will be asked to elaborate on his statements. It will be interesting to see if he shares any more tidbits of information, even though he said he will not under any circumstances share the details of what he witnessed within the box at Langley. Time will tell.

What do you think about Chase Brandon's statement? Is he telling the truth? And what do you think happened at Roswell back in July of 1947? Please comment.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Orange Orb and Fireball UFO Reports Abound! Riding the Wave of Misidentification

Let me begin with an excerpt from the NEWS section of the National UFO Reporting Center website posted by NUFORC Director, Peter Davenport July 4th, 2012:


As is evident from the newly posted reports, the strange “fireball” sightings continue to take place. If you have been witness to a red, orange, or yellow “fireball,” or cluster of the same, we would like to invite you to please submit a written report of the incident, using the Online Report Form.

Posted by Peter Davenport on Wednesday evening, July 4th, 2012.

As expected, Orange Orb/Fireball UFO reports are flooding the reporting sites of NUFORC and MUFON post Independence Day, not to mention numerous articles by media outlets reporting the incidents. Many folks out there enjoying the Fireworks displays witnessed Chinese Lanterns and hastily made UFO reports, adding fuel to the fire in the "Increase of Orange UFO/Fireball UFO sightings" hype that has been building since the growing popularity and availability of Chinese Lanterns began in the last 2 to 3 years. I respect Peter Davenport immensely, and appreciate the tireless work he has performed as the director of NUFORC. I must admit however that I am frustrated by his recent post on the NUFORC site. I feel he is adding to the problem. He has failed to even mention Chinese Lanterns on his site since May, and the excerpt below is what he had to say:

"We have addressed this issue almost continuously over the last ten months…and it appears to us to be occurring unabated. Some people have suggested that the objects that are being seen and reported are so-called “Chinese lanterns,” but we do not accept that this theory can explain any but a small fraction of the reports we have received" - Peter Davenport May 13th , 2012

I would appear that Peter is brushing off Chinese Lanterns almost entirely. I don't appreciate his wording either, using words such as "suggested" and "so-called". In my opinion this statement sounds a bit arrogant. I was one of those "people who have suggested" that these reports are Chinese Lanterns being misidentified. In fact, I emailed Peter back in July of 2010 and sent him a plethora of information on the Lanterns, including videos and photos. My emails were ignored, and not a mention was made of Chinese Lanterns for months to come on the NUFORC site. Peter Davenport is only adding to the problem, and in my eyes he is losing some credibility. But he is not the only one, many other Ufologists, reporters, and investigators are adding to the problem as well. I want to make it clear that I do respect Peter Davenport and all of his continued hard work. Few display the kind of dedication to Ufology that Peter has, and he provides a great service with NUFORC. I just feel he is way off base here.

Chinese Lanterns were everywhere this Independence Day. I even witnessed many in my own neighborhood, and one even floated over my home in the daylight as well. They were a popular addition this year to the 4th of July celebrations of many Americans. Unfortunately, even with the increased popularity of these candle powered fire hazards, most Americans are unaware of their existence and report the Lanterns as UFOs. I can completely understand people misidentifying Chinese Lanterns if they have never seen them before. They are an impressive sight in the night sky. They can be quite bright, move erratically, appear to be in formation, and even vanish in midair when the candles are extinguished.  They most often will appear orange in color, but they are available in a myriad of colors.

At this point in the hype, the UFO reporting groups should really separate these reports from their primary reporting databases, or at least note them as being probable misidentification of Chinese Lanterns. It is painfully obvious with a majority of these orange orb/fireball reports that anyone with a little knowledge of the Lantern characteristics can beyond a reasonable doubt determine which reports are simply misidentified Chinese Lanterns. I have posted excerpts from two recent reports below:

"I would estimate the object was roughly in between 1-2 miles away from me, leaving the surface or from under the surface of the Puget Sound between Three Tree Point and Vashon Island. The object itself was glowing an orange color and slightly pulsating at an irregular rate. It’s tought to estimate the size, as most of it appeared to be corona, so it could have been anywhere from 20ft across to 40ft. Its speed was slow and steady, no unusual changes in course or disappearances. We were looking SSW and it was on a trajectory that was leaving away from us at a SSE direction. It continued to climb slow and steady, on an almost arc-like line, but ever so slight, until it slowly faded out against the hazy sky."

"Around 10:20 pm we were outside sitting in our pool. We saw first one very bright, unflickering, orange fireball/light. It looked like it might have been a misfired firework, but it continued moving east without losing altitude. Before this object moved out of sight, another bright orange ball appeared. This one was different though- it headed north, the orange light disappeared and it was just a black object. It went over several houses and I swear it landed on someone's roof or yard. Then a few minutes later, a third orange light headed east, then disappeared."

If you are familiar with Chinese Lanterns these excerpts are clear descriptions. In the second report it is evident that one of the lanterns lost its flame, and dropped out of the sky. If you perform a search on Google, or check the reporting sites you will find an overabundance of reports just like the reports posted here. The reports from the 4th of July celebrations are still trickling in.

I can completely understand that UFO reporting groups do not want to make snap judgements and throw out any reports without "definitive' evidence that the report is a misidentification. However, this is becoming a hindrance for UFO investigators and Ufologists who need to sift through the piles of reports and articles generated from this grand wave of misidentification. It is clouding the waters and making it much more difficult for Ufologists to concentrate on the investigation of worthy UFO reports.

I'm not claiming to have all the answers, I just feel that something needs to be done to avoid an overflow of these false reports. Without a doubt, Chinese Lanterns will soon be illegal in the United States as they are in many other areas of the world due to fire hazard, and in time more and more people will be able to identify the Lanterns for what they really are. Until then... you will need a big shovel to sift through the piles of reports the Chinese Lanterns will generate.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Triangle UFOs: What are they?

In the last 20 to 30 years you will find an abundance of UFO reports describing "V" shaped or Triangular craft. They are often silent, have multiple glowing amber or white round lights on the underside, and range in size from relatively small to as large as a mile wide, as in the case of the Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997. The Phoenix Lights incident is one of the most compelling UFO cases in history, with hundreds if not thousands of credible folks who clearly witnessed an extremely large "V" shaped craft fly over a good swath of Southern Arizona, including the greater Phoenix area. While triangle or "V" shaped UFO sightings are not commonly as large as witnesses described in Phoenix, they are quite numerous. Other sightings worth noting would be the Boomerang shaped Hudson Valley New York UFO sightings in the early 1980's and the Belgian Triangle UFO wave from 1989 to 1990.

So what are these craft? There are some who claim these sightings to be experimental airships that are being tested by the government or by government funded aerospace companies. The video at the bottom of the post is a promo for JP Aerospace, and their ATO Airship to Orbit program which is in full swing. What's interesting is the fact that this program uses an Ascender airship, which is a fairly large "V" shaped craft, and a second "V" shaped craft, an Orbital airship which is about a mile long... sounds familiar huh?

It would be easy to point to programs such as this one as the smoking gun in many cases where "V" shaped or triangular craft are witnessed. But there are many problems with that assumption, at least in regards to this particular program.

Clearly, these craft are not what witnesses have been reporting. For starters, the "mile long" Orbital airship is a "lighter than air" craft that can only be built and flown at 140,000 feet or it would not survive within the turbulence of earth's atmosphere. The Ascender airship? Its just a big "V" shaped balloon which will float up vertically to very high altitudes... so it basically will fly in a similar fashion to any airship or intelligently controlled balloon. Certainly this craft is not capable of incredible speeds, or the gravity defying maneuvers that have been described in many of the triangular UFO reports. The ATO craft specifications don't seem to fit most of the UFO report descriptions either, in many ways, including the lights that are often witnessed on the reported crafts. However, this program is only one example. We can only imagine what similar top secret  technologies the government may be working on.  

Let us not forget the fabled TR-3B, if it does exists it could be responsible for many triangle UFO reports over the last two decades. But a government black project supposedly based on reverse engineered alien craft is entirely another discussion in itself. There is an ongoing debate on the existence of the TR-3B and its counterparts and there is much to explore in regards to this craft. It is also worth mentioning that the TR-3B's alleged maiden flight was not until sometime in the early 90's which would not account for the Belgian sightings which occurred previously. There are numerous claims that the Belgian sightings were actually sightings of the TR-3B. Regardless of the dates, we must ask... why would the U.S. government fly a top secret craft around Europe instead of the many remote and secured areas we have here in the U.S.?

Then there are claims that the government has built and flown "lighter than air" transport craft, delta or triangular in shape with ground based, possibly microwave or tether based propulsion. Others suggest that the craft may be using electrokinetic or electrostatic propulsion in which electrostatic fields accelerate ions in the air surrounding the craft to produce reaction force and create lift. While these technologies do exist, I still find it unlikely that a "lighter than air" craft as large as a mile wide would be able to handle the turbulence and surface winds of the Earth's atmosphere.

Next we have the Stealth Blimp... often mentioned as the possible culprit behind some triangle UFO reports. But just look at the image below... I think you will agree there is no point in discussing further.

Last but not least, you have the most reasonable question to ask in many reported triangle UFO cases... why would the government fly top secret experimental craft over populated areas... over Phoenix Arizona at 8:30pm on a clear evening for example.

There is certainly a possibility that some triangle UFO sightings are "ours" but this cannot account for all reports of triangular craft. In fact, triangle UFOs have been reported since the 1960's. It is doubtful that we had anything in the air, experimental or not, back then to explain some of the early triangle UFO reports. There are many questions, in fact more questions than answers on the subject of triangle UFOs. The mystery and the speculation deepens with every new sighting.

What do you think they are? Please comment. I would love to hear your theories.

Check out the ATO promo video below. Please let me apologize in advance for the soundtrack that JP Aerospace chose for this video... wow... not a good choice. I have also included a link to the brochure for the ATO program. It is an interesting program even though it does not provide any answers on the triangle UFO mystery, but its all food for thought.

JP Aerospace: ATO Program Brochure


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Survey Says? 36% of Americans believe we have been visited.

The National Geographic channel recently posted the results of a new survey regarding Ufos and Aliens as part of the promotional burst for the new show "Chasing UFOs". The highlights worth mentioning from the survey are as follows:

When participants were asked if they believed that aliens have visited Earth, 36% said yes, 48% said they are unsure, and only 17% percent said no.

79% of the participants believe that the Government has kept information about UFOs a secret. And 55% believe that real-life "Men In Black" agents exist and have intimidated UFO spotters.

On a more amusing note, the survey also asked participants whom they thought would be more apt to handle an alien invasion... Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. 65% said Obama would be better suited to handle an alien invasion... I tend to agree.

Monday, June 25, 2012

James Fox: Chasing UFOs on NatGeo?

Hopefully all of you are familiar with James Fox and his amazing work creating such films as "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw". In my opinion, "Out of the Blue" is one of the best films ever produced on the subject of UFOs, it is the consummate UFO documentary exploring the "must know" UFO cases that anyone interested in the subject needs to be aware of. "I Know What I Saw" found James assembling an impressive group of speakers at the National Press Club for an unprecedented and historical event where high ranking government officials, and members of the military presented first hand accounts of their UFO experiences, all of which were impressive.

If your not familiar with James Fox, shame on you... and go watch his films! If you are familiar with James and his impressive body of work in Ufology, then you may be wondering what the hell he is doing dressed like G.I. Joe for the promos of a new show he co-hosts titled "Chasing UFOs" on NatGeo.

 The video below from OpenMinds has a great interview with James, explaining the premise of the show... and also explaining the reasoning behind his involvement. It makes perfect sense to me and I applaud James for jumping through some flaming hoops for the sake of directing more attention to his true cause, the search for the truth, and the more people that see "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" due to this exposure, the better. "Chasing UFOs" premieres Friday July 29th, at 9PM EST.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who is right? Hawking or Tarter?

Below is a link to an interesting article regarding the theories of Stephen Hawking vs. Jill Tarter, of SETI regarding what we may expect from a visiting... or invading alien race. Hawking maintains his stance that an invading alien race would result in the destruction of our world, likened to the settlement of the Americas by the more advanced Europeans and the resulting devastation to the Native American people. Tarter on the other hand supports the theory that they will be kind hearted explorers, so sophisticated that they would have no need to colonize our planet or take our resources.

Personally, I believe it could go either way. The fact that an alien race is of higher intelligence or may be technologically advanced does not necessarily mean they will be enlightened. Look at man for example, we are vastly more intelligent and advanced than a colony of ants, yet most people will think nothing of stepping on an ant or washing them away with a hose to clear away what are typically thought of as "pests". Perhaps that is how the visiting alien race will view us... as insignificant. Chances are there exists many alien life forms in the Universe. Some just microbes, some perhaps benevolent enlightened beings, and others may be malevolent selfish mavens of destruction... just like most of man kind!

Check out the article below: