Friday, July 20, 2012

James Fox and Chasing UFOs: Give him a break!

James Fox
It  is well know that "Chasing UFOs" is not being received well, and for good reason. Yes, it has many flaws. Its a sensationalist, dubious romp through reality television. A world where ratings and sponsorship are king. What were we really expecting anyway? We are all very familiar with the formula this show follows, we have seen it many times before and it always fails to be groundbreaking.

James Fox is a respected Ufologist and film maker, with an amazing track record of producing high quality content with films like "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw". He is one of the best and brightest in the world of Ufology today.

James has been getting raked over the coals. Well known Ufologists have been speaking out about the show with scathing reviews and snide comments. One example is the article Ufologist Robert Hastings wrote about Chasing UFOs, in which he describes the show as "Blair Witch Project meets Inspector Clouseau". Ouch! Hastings explores many of the shows shortcomings and makes several references to Fox and his involvement in the show.

Even James Fox has made public statements regarding his disappointment in the show. A recent quote from Fox sums up his frustrations, “My credibility and reputation has, deservedly, taken a serious hit.”

I disagree James.

James Fox has a reputation for taking risks, and for pushing the envelope. James Fox is a true soldier for Ufology, always working tirelessly and taking chances to educate the masses on the subject of UFOs. His films are a prime example of his dedication, and the National Press Club Event, which was the basis for "I Know What I Saw" was a triumph. Everything Fox has accomplished comes with great risk to his credibility and reputation. More Ufologists need to be as fearless and dedicated as Fox is. That goes for you as well, Mr. Hastings.

So Chasing UFOs may be a waste of time for educated, seasoned Ufologists, and it may add fuel to the fiery criticism of UFO investigation from the many skeptics out there waiting for opportunities like this to discredit the cause. But the simple fact is, this show gets people talking about UFOs. And believe it or not, many out there will most likely learn about events that they were not familiar with. And I would hope that those who do, will follow up by seeking more information on the Internet. We have to remember that the general viewing public knows very little about Ufology. This show is disseminating information on these UFO cases out there to be digested by the public. That is what matters, and that is all James Fox was trying to do.

When the Ufology community was shocked to see Fox attached with this show in the early press releases, I stood up to applaud James for taking a risk like this to work towards his ultimate goal. To get the word out, and educate as many people as possible on UFOs. Additionally, I would assume that many folks out there are newly familiar with James Fox due to "Chasing UFOs" and will hopefully be seeking out and viewing his films. The more people to see "Out of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" the better. In my opinion, this show does have a purpose and has helped the UFO cause more than it has hurt it. It spreads the word and gets people talking about UFOs, and that is extremely important.

It is time to give James Fox a break. I don't think any less of James or his credibility because of "Chasing UFOs" and neither should any of you. He will no doubt follow this misstep with another exceptional film on UFOs and we will all soon forget the look on his face from the night vision "face cam" as James is startled by the mating calls of a wild boar.

We should all be willing to take risks like James Fox has in the name of Ufology. Thank you James for all your hard work, I will still be watching "Chasing UFOs". Yes, I will cringe a bit from time to time but its not all bad. The show does have some redeeming qualities and it will hopefully continue to plant the seeds for people to dig further and learn more about these UFO cases. We all need to stop being so critical and elitist, and just see "Chasing UFOs" for what it really is.


  1. James. I think you are amazing. You have a sincerity and passion which is infectious. Like so many others, myself included, you only want to find the truth.

    Please don't get down about negative comments from others. In order to be affected by others' opinions, you have to respect that person.

    Keep your chin up mate - you rock.


  2. Why did the extraterrestrials allow the US to blow off over 1000 nuclear devices during the late 40s and early 59s?